About Us

Unlimited World Translations is a Canadian company with an international heart. Our network of project managers, translators, and proofreaders spans all continents and embraces every culture. The founders originate from Germany and Austria and are living proof of the renowned efficiency of these countries. Add to this a passion for languages, and the result is a winning combination…a team who love what they do and strive for exceptional standards.

Unlimited World Translation is the culmination of hard work, ambition and integrity, qualities we know our clients value too. With this in mind, rest assured that every project we take on, regardless of size, is important to us and provides an opportunity to share in your success.


We want you to achieve your goals and we will help in whatever way we can. This means that as a client of ours, you can trust us to take care of all project details and deliver work of outstanding quality. We pride ourselves on offering more than just translation. After all, when we translate for you, you are placing trust in us to effectively communicate on your behalf.

About the Founder

Natascha Daiminger - Unlimited World Translations

Natascha Daiminger is a Certified Translator (STIBC) and holds a Master’s Degree in German Language Studies (with honors) from the esteemed Georg-August University. She brings a wealth of translation experience to her position, and has fostered strong working relationships with her clients who have come to rely on her work ethic, attention to quality and positive approach. Natascha is a pro bono translator and translation test reviewer for the humanitarian organization Translators without Borders Translators without Borders and is also involved with test assessment in Canada for individuals seeking Certified Translator status.