Language Services


We treat translation as an art form.

Great translation captures the tone, nuance and cultural relevance of the original text and recreates it in another tongue. The end product will appear to have been written in the target language from the outset. It requires an artist to do all this well, which is why we handpick our translators carefully and use only native speakers of the target language.

As standard in our translation service, your text will also receive proofreading. Additional editing and technical QA is available on request.


Ensuring the quality we stand by.

You want the purpose of your project to receive undivided attention. Our team of proofreaders will check your work and ensure that nothing detracts from its primary purpose. As well as looking for issues with grammar and spelling, we will also check the general fluency of your text and whether the content is appropriate for the subject matter and target audience.


There is a Nepalese proverb that says, “A speaker needs no tools.”

We cannot dispute the wisdom of this in a metaphorical sense, but we do know that speakers need transcription services. We will make sure your spoken material is transcribed accurately and quickly, so that you have a permanent record to work with or archive.

Desktop Publishing

Words can be made to look as beautiful as they sound.

To communicate effectively you may need your content presented in a form that combines text and pictures, such as a newsletter, brochure or poster. Our team can rearrange and publish your content exactly the way you want it as well as extract text from the various formats and layouts you may have for translation.

We will select a linguist with extensive knowledge of your project’s subject matter. We have experts in almost any field, so we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss your specific requirements.